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Abberton & District Cricket Club Members' Notices


Members are politely reminded that subscriptions for 2022 are now due. For more details on membership options for our club please click here.


Please note that not everybody likes dogs. Even fewer appreciate stumbling across your dogs deposits whilst walking around the boundary, especially if you happen to be wearing open-toed shoes! At present, dogs are permitted on the ground, but please, if your pet inadvertently makes a deposit of solids (unscheduled or otherwise), clear it up so as not to inconvenience others. Disposable bags can be obtained from behind the bar.


We like to maintain healthy relationships with our neighbours but this situation is greatly compromised if our members and visitors park vehicles in their gardens or across their drives. Please spare a thought for our neighbours and make sure that their accesses remain unblocked at all times.

The club has received a couple of messages recently from local residents asking for more consideration when it comes to parking. There have been occasions this season where the access road to the two houses at the end of the driveway has been restricted due to poor parking. Please also ensure you do not park obscuring the driveways of these houses too.

The club has been busier this season, especially on Friday nights, but please make sure you park considerately for our neighbours. There is usually plenty of room on the grassed area by the practise nets, so please park there first if there is room.


Please note that the striking of golf balls, either from or on to the ground, is strictly prohibited. If individuals persist in ignoring this directive then membership may be revoked and a ban imposed opon the invididual.

Abberton & District Cricket Club Code of Conduct

The club has adopted the following code of conduct and commends it to all of its officials and players. This code of conduct applies to all matches played by this club.

  • We will observe the highest standards of sportsmanship, behaviour and dress both on and off the field in keeping with the dignity and best traditions of the game.
  • We will not accept intimidation, aggressive behaviour and deliberate distraction of our opponents.
  • We will not accept dissent at umpire decisions.
  • We have acquainted all of our officials and players with this code.
  • We expect our captains and team managers to exercise suitable control over their teams.
  • We will not show excessive greed at the tea table.
  • We will expect our players to shower thoroughly after matches and use anti-perspirant.
  • In deference to local residents and our valued neighbours, our groundsmen will not start the mowers or steamroller before 8.30am in the morning (9.00am on Sundays).

The club accepts responsibility for the behaviour of its officials and players and will take disciplinary action against any individual who fails to comply with this code.

Abberton & District Cricket Club Equal Opportunties

Abberton and District Cricket Club promotes a policy of equity in cricket to ensure that people are treated fairly regardless of colour, race, religion, age, ethnic or national origins, disability, sex, sexual orientation or marital status. This policy applies equally to all club members.

All members should take personal responsibility for its implementation. It is important that if you see or hear anything that isn't right or makes you feel uneasy then you should report it immediately to the chairperson or a trusted member of the club committee. For a full list of club committees please click here.