Hi all,

Some have bad news, a member of our club has tested positive for Covid-19 this morning and is currently at Essex University having a PCR test. Myself and the committee have made the decision that anyone in the first team on Saturday must get a test in addition anyone at the club Saturday evening watching the football is to self isolate for 10 days.

This is a tough decision for

covid 19 banner

all involved at our club but one that is necessary to protect everyone.

The clubhouse will now be shut until this time next week along with all games/training now being cancelled. The clubhouse will go through a full deep clean as recommend and set out in our Covid-19 action plan.

Could we ask that all those who require a test please keep hold of your results in case we need to advise/work with any authorities

Your understanding and cooperation is fully needed on this matter.

Thanks in advance.