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Volunteering opportunities at Abberton & District Cricket Club

Abberton & District Cricket Club is run and managed by volunteers. We can only really become, and remain successful, if enough people volunteer their time and energy in return for the satisfaction of doing something really worthwhile and enjoyable.

Any help is very welcome, and in most cases you don't need to have any knowledge of cricket to help out. We truely value our volunteers in whatever capacity they choose to help the club whether it be junior coaching, scoring, umpiring, helping with the admin or fundraising.

Volunteering is very rewarding and has great benefits for both the club and individual. If you are thinking about seeking a new job, entering university, starting a new school, working in sport or generally improving yourself, our club can provide the perfect opportunity to help you reach your goals and objectives.

If you would like to volunteer with us the England and Wales Cricket Board has put together more information about the different roles that may suit you.

How to volunteer with us

Would like to start volunteering with us? Register your interest, tell us a little about yourself and we'll help you find a role which suits you.

Register your interest


All of our coaches are ECB qualified and we support the development of coaches. However, our coaches could always do with a hand. A coaching assistant is a great way to see if coaching suits you. If you would then like to continue coaching we aim to help develop your skills and get qualified.


Umpiring & Scoring

Simply put, cricket would not be able to start without officials. If you have experience in the game but no longer wish to play why not turn your attention to umpiring. It's a great way to remain part of the game without all the aches and pains that come with it.

Scorers are always needed to keep count of the runs. This is one of the fantastic roles that you don't nessasarly need experience playing the game. Often parents can turn their hands to scoring with the brand new ECB scoring app on the iPad or with a good old pen and pencil. If you would like to volunteer your services as a score please get in touch.


Admin Roles

Our committee members are all elected volunteers. They always need a hand with something, whether running to the supermarket to fetch squash for the bar, checking the finances to ensure the club has a healthy bank balance or even arranging a end of season awards function. If you feel that you could help with a admin role please let us know.


Ground support

Maintaining a cricket ground and pavillion takes alot of time and effort, not only by our brilliant groundsman but also with the help of volunteers such as yourself. There are always jobs that need doing such as cleaning, decorating, prepairing food etc etc. If you have some time to spare why not help out around our wonderful clubhouse.



A massive headache for our club is finances. Fundraising is a big part of our club and events take place all year round, this helps keep the club alive ensuring cricket is able to be played year after year. If you have any ideas or would be willing to host a fundrasing event please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.